HITEQ Training Request

The HITEQ Center provides access to free training and technical assistance (TA) to support our HRSA partners and health centers in optimizing their EHR/HIT systems for continuous, data driven quality improvement. Training and technical assistance is provided in priority health IT areas. Training strives to build staff core competencies and organizational capacities. TA provides for in-depth assistance to an individual grantee or group of grantees.

How Do I Request a Training For my Program?

Please submit the electronic training request form below. Once submitted, it will be sent to the HITEQ Center Training Coordinator. You will receive an email confirmation that your Training request was successfully submitted and is under review.

PCAs and HCCNs interested in hosting a workshop, please go here to request a HITEQ workshop.

What happens after I submit the Training request?

You will be contacted within two business days by email or phone to schedule a time to discuss your Training request in greater detail. Approved Training requests are assigned a Training Developer who will work closely with you until the Training is complete. You and your Training Developer will develop a Training Work Plan that will capture what you want to accomplish, by when and the activities that will achieve this goal.

HITEQ Training Request

HITEQ Training Request Form

Thank you for your interest in a HITEQ Training. We recently started a new contract, resulting in changes to our training resources. In order to best respond to the needs of all HITEQ partners while making the best use of a limited number of resources to provide in-person workshops and online trainings, we would like to collect some additional information about your needs.
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