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Webinar: Why Data Governance is a Hot Topic for Health Care Orgs: pointB Webinar: Why Data Governance is a Hot Topic for Health Care Orgs: pointB

Webinar: Why Data Governance is a Hot Topic for Health Care Orgs: pointB

Massachusetts Health Data Consortium Webinar

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Here’s a sad story. Healthcare organizations are woefully late to the data governance party. While companies in many industries have long been clear on the fundamental (and critical) goals of a data governance program, healthcare organizations are just starting to see the light. How can you enable better decision-making, reduce operational friction, protect the needs of data stakeholders, train management and staff to adopt common approaches to data issues, build standard, repeatable processes, reduce costs and increase effectiveness through coordination of efforts and...
NACHC's Community Health Institute - Call for Poster Abstract Submission NACHC's Community Health Institute - Call for Poster Abstract Submission

NACHC's Community Health Institute - Call for Poster Abstract Submission

The deadline to submit poster abstracts is Friday, April 6, 2018

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Are you doing innovative things to address the social determinants of health or other topics of interest to health centers?  We encourage you to submit your work as a poster abstract to NACHC’s Community Health Institute (CHI)!  The CHI is the largest gathering of health center stakeholders on record.  This year’s conference will take place in Orlando at...

HITEQ Highlights Webinar: Developing Effective Data Dashboards

HITEQ Highlights

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The best dashboards give health centers actionable information at their fingertips, and use great design practices to focus a user’s attention on the most important information on the page. The HITEQ Center presented tips on how to develop effective data dashboards including designers and users, common pitfalls in dashboard design and how to avoid them, and dashboard software for consideration. The Indiana Quality Improvement Network (a health center controlled network housed within the state’s Primary Care Association) shared their experience in developing custom data dashboards for health centers in Indiana and beyond. Kislaya Kunjan, PhD (Health IT Director at IQIN) demonstrated multiple dashboards developed by their organization, and how much of it is publicly available on their website (www.indianapca.org/dashboard) for the benefit of health centers and affiliated organizations across the US.

The 2018 Social Determinants of Health Academy

Virtual Training #4: APRIL: Pathways to Cross-Sector Partnerships to Address SDOH Part 2

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Pathways to Cross-Sector Partnerships to Address SDOH, Part 2

Presented By: National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership School-Based Health Alliance

Since their inception, health centers have had a special focus on identifying and addressing patients' health-related social needs in an effort to ensure optimal access to primary care. In a rapidly changing, and infinitely more complex social and health landscape, it is more important than ever that our care teams and tools evolve to meet patients where they are. As health centers work to improve their social determinants of health strategies, strategies, they must adapt new ways to solve age-old problems like poor housing and lack of income, which reverberate for health center patients and result in poor health outcomes. Join this webinar for a broad discussion of the opportunities to tackle SDOH in tandem with existing community partners and how health care teams can work together to address the social determinants of health. Special focus will be given to school-based and legal interventions that can meet the needs of patients and boost capacity of the healthcare team confronting complex SDOH. The session will review specific resources and tools. Presenters will also discuss how the above interventions can inform the dynamics and challenges of diabetes management for a range of populations.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how healthcare teams bridging across sectors like law and education can support increased access to care, improve health services delivery, and improve overall health outcomes with a focus on diabetes management.
  • Identify resources available to meet the needs of pediatric and adolescent patients.
  • Understand the connection between legal and health needs.

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