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Integrating Data between Primary Care and Behavioral Health Services

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Many health centers provide behavioral health services; others work closely with community partners who provide behavioral health services to their patients. One of the biggest challenges for health centers is determining how to integrate data between the two services. The HITEQ Center recently published the resource Utilizing and Integrating Behavioral Health Data into a Health Center’s Primary Care Services. This webinar introduced the Center for Integrated Health Solutions' Standard Framework for Levels of Integrated Healthcare and provided some guidance of how to integrate care regardless of which model of care is being provided. Dr. Rina Ramirez, Chief Medical Officer of Zufall Health, shared her experiences of integrating behavioral health data. Zufall Health which has a traditional Behavioral Health Department, recently started an Integrated Behavioral Health program within primary care, and partners with an external behavioral health organization who focuses on people with Serious Mental Illness.

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